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Going to make a page where you can see character sheets and just info about the cast.

Still figuring these things out, so it will probably take some time until this is all done! 


Dominique Nasia

Having no family of her own, Dominique was raised by Tina's family among the Atrier people. She has always done her best to be helpful to others, whether by helping the Nasia family with the harvest, in Tina's shop with her skills as a seamstress or even just being an empathetic ear to any who would need it. Being very friendly and outgoing, Dominique is often seen speaking with complete strangers, though some would claim that this is simply because she is naive and absent minded.  Fond of birds and skilled in magic, Dominique has devised a way to fly; a skill none of her Atrier peers have been able to learn despite her assistance.




Dexter Iludan

Hailing from Anderhan, Dexter is a man of many passions.  A talented doctor, skilled mechanic and incredibly knowledgeable in numerous fields, Dexter easily overcomes his inability to use magic with his vast and open mind.   His thirst for knowledge and subsequent insomnia combined with a tendency to collect things (particularly fine head wear!) has made him seem a bit odd to those who don't know him but to those who do, he is a lovable, silly, clumsy and incredibly smart friend who has a love for all of the natural world.




Fie Aleine

Not much is known about Fie due to her shyness and rough, sometimes bordering on mean, personality.  Despite this though, she has shown herself to be helpful and caring in her own way.  Having no family of her own, Fie has lived with Dyce and the others for the last two years.  It was during this time that it was discovered that she had a tendency to prank others in what almost seems to be her way  of showing affection, though she'd likely never admit it.  Oddly enough, she always seems to find herself near barrels.





Queen Ezel Mericlou








Sabin Esparaum

Tina Nasia








Dyce Achalys 

Arand Conta